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Ted Cruz is quoted as saying that our rights as United States citizens come from God and not the Constitution. He is using a line from the Bill of Rights as the basis for his contention. Fine, as far as that goes. But here is why any free-thinking American should be concerned when politicians begin blurring the lines between religion and the Political State in American life: One "right" theist theorists and "strict constructionist" interpreters reserve for themselves is to define for the rest of us which laws, which customs and which ideas are most favored by God. These spokespersons for righteousness and tradition practice their own forms of coercion and intolerance, give these forms the weight of religious cant and then use this newfound sense of "authority" as a cudgel to beat down those ideas, philosophies and theories that do not conform to their vision of what the world should be. They are, in the end, not champions of tradition and peace, but are instead enemies of free thinking and intent instead on creating a social order of conformity, obedience and quiescent behavior.

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