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Across the past four years, MSNBC has let go of a wide range of opinionated and talented broadcast journalists: Cenk Uygar, Martin Bashir, Ed Schultz, among others, and now most loudly and recently, Melissa Harris Perry. I believe this is all part of editorial decisions that were made in the highest corporate offices of Comcast. MSNBC has gone from having one of the most once had the most diverse rosters of opinion-makers and broadcast journalists anywhere on television. It also had a decidedly liberal bent, which put it to the left of centrist CNN, and right wing FOX. But, now, all of that has virtually disappeared. The stated excuse is, MSNBC had fallen behind FOX and CNN in the ratings a year ago and there was no indication that the trend would change. Well, usually one changes content, not personnel. The ratings weren't low because of black, brown or gay faces, nor were they likely to rise simply because the new faces are all white. The demographics of this country are rapidly changing and the idea that only white people will get to be the arbiters of information, culture or power will not stand. Last night, there was a fierce debate on CNN between a white Trump staffer and a black former Obama supporter. It was illuminating, riveting and fantastic television. Both speakers are contri

butors to CNN. Both had strong ideas about this country's social and political history and how it had impacted on the way they see change happening in this country. The sparks they ignited was something we once could expect to see on MSNBC. But MSNBC has decided that Melissa Harris Perry, Alex Wagner, Thomas Roberts, Richard Lui and Jose Diaz Belart COMBINED are not worth one disgraced Brian Williams. My brown eyeballs are going where they feel recognized and valued. For the time being, they will get their information from CNN Inernational, BBC America, PBS Newshour and what's left of Al Jazeera's time on the broadcast dial. As for MSNBC, I can't dance if I can't hear the music. #MSNBCDEVOIDOFUNK.

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