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Monday night, November 20, 2017, the Audience Development Committee (AUDELCO), of New York, bestowed upon me its "Viv" Award for Best Playwright for my play, AUTUMN, produced by the Billie Holiday Theater. The play was also honored

as Dramatic Production of the Year. In addition, awards went to my Best Director, Walter Dallas, Best Actor, Jerome Preston Bates, Best Supporting Actor, Count Stovall and Best Supporting Actress, Pauletta Pearson Washington. I congratulate them and thank the rest of the Cast: Michael Chenevert, LeKethia Dalcoe, Terria Joseph and Brent Langdon, and the Crew, the staff of the Billie Holiday Theater and Exec VP, Indira Etwaroo. The accolades I enjoyed that night would not have been possible without all of them. Thanks so much.

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